One of the world’s fastest-growing infrastructure industries

Israel is in the midst of a rapid development stage and there are multiple opportunities in the infrastructure industry. Cepro identifies and facilitates these opportunities for international suppliers and service providers, forging dynamic partnerships and securing contracts with top Israeli government entities and in the private sector.

Israel has approved large budgets to upgrade the country’s infrastructure to meet growing needs. We have played an integral part in sourcing viable business opportunities for our clients, helping them negotiate and win rewarding, high-quality contracts. We accomplish this by compiling project data at the earliest and most crucial stages, preparing detailed market reports, building strong relationships with clients and suppliers, and initiating, teaming and managing consortiums.

We are a full service commercial representative company, and as such, we offer a spectrum of services including marketing, sales, promotion, public relations, customer service and support—before, during and after the tender.

Our experience in the infrastructure industry includes the following areas (among others):

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