Tap into a powerful business opportunity

The energy market in Israel is currently one of the fastest growing in the world, with the demand for electricity dramatically increasing every year.

Driven by concerns about the environment, the comparative competitiveness and stability of lifecycle costs for sources of renewable power generation, clean and renewable energy is undergoing accelerated development together with traditional power sources.

Israel’s government has approved a comprehensive reform to the electricity market, shifting from a governmental concentrated market to a decentralized market. This reform heralds great opportunities for new players and investors, especially in the power generation, transmission and supply segments and is expected to have a significant impact on Israel electricity sector.

Natural gas findings have compelled Israel’s power generation market and industry to switch to “cleaner” fuel sources. The local distribution of gas is still in its early stages. This has brought about opportunities for new projects in the energy sector for international suppliers.

Cepro has successfully realized lucrative contracts for our suppliers and service providers in the Israeli energy market. Having facilitated multi-million Euro business with the Israeli Electric Corporation and Individual Power Producers (IPPs), Cepro has also achieved recognition as the first to bring a renowned turbine manufacturer into Israel.

Our primary objective is naturally to win projects. We accomplish this by connecting our clients with viable business opportunities and offering them a complete range of services including marketing, sales, promotion, public relations, customer service, and support—before, during, and after the tender.

Our experience in the energy industry includes the following areas (among others):

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