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Established in 1997, Cepro is a leading force in the transportation, energy, and infrastructure industries in Israel, commercially representing some of the world’s most prominent multinational companies on an exclusive basis. Over the years, our expert team has successfully negotiated and finalized contracts between our principals and Israeli clients in both the private and public sectors – bringing numerous contracts to fruition.

Israel is one of the world’s most innovative and technically advanced nations. Until the mid- 2000s, however, the government budget for vital infrastructure projects was insufficient and influenced the economy’s ability to function and grow.

This failure was recognized and in recent years there has been a massive governmental investment, generating vast opportunities for Cepro’s suppliers and clients.

Our primary objective is to promote our principals’ interests and secure lucrative projects for transportation, energy and infrastructure. We accomplish this by initiating and identifying viable business opportunities, promoting our principals locally, utilizing our marketing, sales, and public relations resources. 

Cepro continuously analyzes the business environment and political landscape, brings together qualified and cohesive team players. We also manage consortiums for large scale projects.

Our proven ability to achieve exceptional results in the private and public sectors has made Cepro an important player in local initiatives.

The Competitive Edge

Utilizing our expertise, resourcefulness, and influence, Cepro focuses on maintaining a competitive edge.

Our stellar reputation and comprehensive knowledge of the Israeli market and its major players ensure that we give our clients an advantage when exploring new business opportunities to win profitable business contracts in the transportation, energy, and infrastructure markets.

Many of the infrastructure-related projects in Israel are government-initiated; however, there has been a significant reform and increasing trend toward privatization of projects in recent years, out of which the most significant projects are private public partnership (PPP) based.

Furthermore, it is our experience that in order to operate successfully in Israel, an essential component for companies from abroad is to have a local representative whose integrity and professionalism are widely acknowledged and who can provide the guidance and expertise required on a daily basis.

Cepro meets these specifications and can lead your company to realistic positions for participation in both governmental and private projects.

Our Vision

“To be the number one choice for both suppliers and customers in the transportation,
energy and infrastructure markets in Israel.”

We achieve this through industry expertise, integrity, professionalism, and personal service. This allows us to bring high quality services to our suppliers, our clients, and the Israeli market in which we operate. We work with leading international suppliers and service providers, connecting them to major projects which contribute to the development of Israel.

Contact us today to initiate your entry into this dynamic landscape.

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