As the exclusive representative of leading international suppliers and service providers in Israel, Cepro provides access and information about business opportunities in Israel, enabling success in winning lucrative contracts using the following actions:

  • Identifying and initiating project opportunities
  • Gathering and compiling essential project data during the project’s initial stages
  • Preparing detailed market reports with timely, relevant market information
  • Establishing project & market strategy
  • Forming and maintaining strong relationships with client (at every management level including governmental)
  • Maintaining regular contact with the customer and keeping the supplier informed about competition
  • Partnering and negotiating with local companies – if applicable or requested by customer or supplier
  • Planning and managing consortiums
  • Initiating conferences and exhibitions: accompanying suppliers and providers to these events
  • Organizing visits to manufacturers’ facilities
  • Offering ongoing office services through the submission process
  • Ongoing support through the execution of the project

From generating the very first concepts to negotiating and providing ongoing marketing, sales, promotion, public relations and support services, our high-quality, cost effective solutions are tailored to the needs of our principals and to ensure they secure major projects.
Cepro’s range of services enables foreign and multinational companies to become part of Israel’s fast-growing, resilient, and innovation-driven economy.


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